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Latin American Art through the Ages

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Things to Know

Onsite Tours:

  • Tours must be reserved at least two weeks in advance.
  • Tours are led by our highly trained volunteer docents.
  • Please plan to arrive approximately 15 minutes before your tour reservation.
  • Guided tours will last 50 minutes. 
  • Students must always remain with their chaperones while on campus.
  • Masks are recommended for all visitors and are required for all volunteers and Museum staff.
  • Each tour accommodates a maximum of 100 persons.

Virtual Tours:

  • Tours must be reserved two weeks in advance.
  • This virtual tour will be facilitated via Zoom by a docent and/or an education department staff member.
  • This tour will run approximately 45 minutes.
  • Each tour accommodates a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 persons.

Each student, teacher, and Museum representative is an important component of your group's overall experience. It is crucial that we provide a safe and comfortable environment for our virtual visitors. You can help us do this by:

  1. Enabling the video function if possible.
  2. Muting your microphone while your guide is talking.
  3. Asking questions by entering them in the Zoom chat area or by raising your "hand."
  4. Participating in the group discussions.

We hope you enjoy your visit!


  • Bilingual tours are available upon request. Please email for more information.