Image Rights and Reproductions

Photography and Reproduction Fee Schedule

photo4At the bottom of the page is a .pdf link containing a list of the current fees for photography and reproduction of images in the permanent collection of the San Antonio Museum of Art.

For image requests and additional inquiries please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or or mail: Rights and  Reproductions, San Antonio Museum of Art, 200 West Jones Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78215.

All requests for the rental of photographic material must be put in writing and include the following (please complete and return at least two weeks prior to the date that the image is needed):

Contact Information

  • Name of Institution/Company:
  • Name of requestor and/or contact name, if different:
  • Contact mailing address:
  • Contact e-mail address:
  • Billing address:

Image Information

  • Title of the artwork/artifact:
  • Artist/Maker’s name:
  • Accession number (if available):
  • Format (ie. color or black & white):
  • Size of reproduction (i.e. dpi or ppi – or ¼ page. ½ page, ¾ page, full page, etc.):
  • Intended use (please indicate if image will be used for study/ personal use or publication – if for publication see below):

Publication information

  • Publication format (ie. Print, electronic, broadcast, etc.):
  • Title of book or publication (catalog, brochure, website, postcard, etc.):
  • Author:
  • Editor:
  • Publisher:
  • Anticipated print date:
  • Anticipated print run:
  • Territorial distribution (ie. North America, worldwide, etc.):
  • Language(s) of publication:
  • Placement of the image in the context of the publication (i.e. interior, cover, chapter opener, etc.):
  • Please list any other pertinent information: