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The Magic of Clay and Fire

Past Exhibition

The Magic of Clay and Fire: Japanese Contemporary Ceramics

April 13, 2018–April 19, 2020

Asian Special Exhibitions Gallery, 2nd Floor West

This ongoing focus installation of contemporary Japanese ceramics is now in its second rotation, featuring sixteen new works that showcase unique shapes, techniques, and glazes. They include many traditional forms, such as utensils for the Tea Ceremony—water jars, tea bowls, sake cups, and flower vases—as well as innovative clay sculptures. "Two pieces of undulating celadon 'ribbons' by Satoshi Kino and Satoko Fujikasa's organic plantlike flourishes of white porcelain are marvels to behold," said Emily Sano, PhD, Senior Advisor for Asian Art.

The works in The Magic of Clay and Fire are generously loaned by Allen Bennett, Susan L. and C.J. Peters, and Carole and Jeffery Horvitz.

Exhibition Gallery

Kino Satoshi, Autumn

Kino Satoshi, Japanese (born 1966), Autumn Wind, Porcelain with celadon glaze, Collection of Susan L. and C.J. Peters

Hayashi Kaku, Zero; Tanoue Shinya, Shell-Shaped Vessel; and Harada Shoruku, Elegantly Crafted Incense Burner

Hayashi Kaku, Japanese (born 1953), Zero, Unglazed stoneware with colored slip, Collection of Susan l. and C.J. Peters; Tanoue Shinya, Japanese (born 1976), Shell-Shaped Vessel, Stoneware with blue glaze and white slip, Collection of Susan L. and C.J. Peters; and Harada Shuroku, Japanese (born 1941), Elegantly Crafted Incense Burner, Stoneware, Bizen clay, Allen Bennett Collection.

Junko Kitamura, Spherical Water Jar with Black Lacquer Cover

Junko Kitamura, Japanese (born 1956), Spherical Water Jar with Black Lacquer Cover, Stoneware with black glaze and white slip, Collection of Susan L. and C. J. Peters

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