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Past Exhibition

Season Four of Seasons of Beauty: Yoshitoshi's Thirty-two Aspects of Daily Life

July 13, 2011–November 14, 2011

Asian Special Exhibitions Gallery, 2nd Floor West

Taiso Yoshitoshi (1839-1892), Japan, Strolling: The Appearance of an Upper Class Wife of the Meiji Era, 1888, woodblock print on paper, On loan from Lenora and Walter F. Brown, Photography by Peggy Tenison

Like the previous three seasons, the fourth and final season of our popular, yearlong exhibition of Taiso Yoshitoshi’s (1839-1892) Seasons of Beauty: Thirty-two Aspects of Daily Life features prints depicting nineteenth-century Japanese women engaged in daily activities. The final season includes the title page and the two most famous prints in the series: Drowsy and Strolling.

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