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Stick Stock

Past Exhibition

San Antonio Collects: Theodore Gentilz and Mission Life of San Antonio and Northern Mexico

March 02, 2012–May 20, 2012

Focus Gallery

Stick Stock (Surveyors in Texas before Annexation to the U.S.), ca. 1845, oil on canvas, 14in. x 17 in. framed, Lent by Larry Sheerin, L.2012.2.3

Theodore Gentilz studied in Paris as a painter and surveyor before coming to Texas in 1844 with Henri Castro, the impresario who lured Alsatian settlers to the state with the promise of abundant land and natural resources. Gentilz quickly abandoned Castro and Castroville to settle in San Antonio, where he became the first art teacher at St. Mary’s University.


Entranced by the already ruined but beautifully evocative Spanish missions around San Antonio, Gentilz dedicated himself to capturing images of the missions and the daily life of the citizens of Texas and northern Mexico. Focused around five important paintings that Gentilz left to St. Mary’s University, the exhibition explores the missions, landscape, and daily life of San Antonio prior to 1900.

Exhibition Gallery

Mission San Francisco de la Espada
Mission San Francisco de la Espada, oil on canvas, 25 ½ in. x 33 in. framed, Lent by St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, L.2012.3.4
Jacal Con Enramada
Jacal Con Enramada (Reed Hut), mid-19th century, oil on canvas, 12 in. x 9 in. , Lent by Larry Sheerin, L.2012.2.29
Shooting Of The 17 Decimated Texians At El Salado, Mexico, ca. 1850, oil on canvas, 22 in. x 26 in. framed, Lent by Larry Sheerin, L.2012.2.30

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