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Tattooed Woman of Falalap

Past Exhibition

Paul Jacoulet: Oceanic Views

May 01, 2011–August 07, 2011

Tattooed Woman of Falalap, West Carolines, 1935, Paul Jacoulet (1902-1960), Woodblock print; ink, pigments and mother-of-pearl dust and silver mica on paper, Gift of John F. Carruthers, 2001.14.4

Paul Jacoulet (1902-1960) was the first foreigner to master printmaking in the Japanese tradition. The artist was born in France but spent most of his life in Japan. Eight Jacoulet prints showing scenes of Oceania comprise the first print rotation in the Asian Art Special Exhibitions Gallery (May to August 7, 2011), followed by eight prints depicting Korea (August 12 to November 6, 2011).

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