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Animal Crossing

Follow along below to add SAMA's art to your island!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Have you ever wanted to own a work of art from SAMA’s collection? See it hanging in your house, or displayed on a canvas the way the artist might have seen it? Now you can... virtually! All on the most popular game on the internet right now, Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) is the latest video game in Nintendo's Animal Crossing series. Designed for the Nintendo Switch console, ACNH quickly gained popularity online as new and old fans posted about their virtual island fun. Follow this guide and find the QR Codes below to add some popular pieces from our collection to your island.

What You Will Need:

What You Will Need:

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons 
  • Nintendo Switch 
  • Smartphone with the Nintendo Switch online app 
What To Do:

What To Do:

  1. ​​​​​​Open the Nintendo Switch Online app and tap on the Animal Crossing Image to open the NookLink page. 
  2. Tap on “Designs” and “Scan a QR code.” 
  3. Pick which SAMA work of art you would like to display and scan the QR code(s) [TIP: You may need to zoom in on your screen if you are having trouble scanning!]. You wll be asked if you would like to save. Tap “Save.” 
  4. Next, start the game on your Switch and open your NookPhone by pressing ZL. Choose the Custom Designs app and press +, then select “Download” and then “OK!” 
  5. Now you will select a save slot. Know that whatever you pick will be replaced by the new image, so be certain of your selection! Once you’re sure, select it and “Overwrite it.” 
  6. Your art is now ready to display! You can choose to place the art by selecting it from your list of custom designs and selecting “Display Here.” Choose how you would like to display the work, and you’re good to go! 

If you would like to make your own images into Animal Crossing QR Codes, you can do so using the Animal Crossing Pattern Tool here.

Children of the Artist

John Neagle, American, 1796–1865, Children of the Artist, 1850-1851, Oil on canvas, diam. of tondo: 25 1/4 in. (64.1 cm), Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Frederic G. Oppenheimer, 52.106.6


William-Adolphe Bouguereau, French, 1825–1905, Admiration, 1897, Oil on canvas, 58 x 78 in. (147.3 x 198.1 cm), Bequest of Mort D. Goldberg, 59.46.10

Blue Bonnets at Late Afternoon

Julian Onderdonk (American, 1882–1922), Blue Bonnets at Late Afternoon, 1915, Oil on canvas, 10 x 14 in. (25.4 x 35.6 cm), Bequest of Fidel G. Chamberlain, Jr., in memory of Louise Barclay Chamberlain and Fidelio Gillette Chamberlain, Sr. 2003.6.2

Margaret Louisa Vanderbilt, Mrs. Elliott Fitch Shepard

John Singer Sargent, American, 1856–1925, Margaret Louisa Vanderbilt, Mrs. Elliott Fitch Shepard, 1888, Oil on canvas, h. 84 1/2 in. (214.6 cm); w. 48 1/2 in. (123.2 cm), Purchased with funds provided by the Lillie and Roy Cullen Endowment, 84.57

Passing Storm over the Sierra Nevadas

Albert Bierstadt, American, 1830–1902, Passing Storm over the Sierra Nevadas, 1870, Oil on canvas, h. 36½ in.(92.7cm); w. 55 in. (139.7cm), Purchased with funds provided by the Robert J. Kleberg and Helen C. Kleberg Foundation, 85.94. 

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