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Traveling Trunks


SAMA's Traveling Trunks

Take a journey through time and culture with SAMA's Traveling Trunks project. Designed to increase student exposure to the arts, Traveling Trunks allow students the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of history and culture through hands-on experiences. Each trunk contains specially designed costumes based on works of art from the Museum's collections and reproductions of artworks with accompanying descriptions, books, lesson plans and music. 

All activities are aligned with 6th grade TEKS but can be adapted for other grades as needed. 

  • Trunks may be checked out for up to 6 weeks at a time.
  • Borrower must arrange a date and time to pick up and return trunk.
  • Borrower agrees to check all items against inventory list before return and agrees to pay for lost or damaged items.
  • Late fees of $5 per day apply.

Available Traveling Trunks:

  • Japan
  • Early America
  • Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Latin American Folk Art
  • China
  • Oceania
  • Ancient Near East
  • India
  • Spanish Colonial Art
  • Contemporary Art

Download the Traveling Trunks Program Overview

Download the Traveling Trunks Lending Agreement