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Traveling Trunks Request

Trunk Use Agreement
  • Trunks are available for FREE for early childhood classrooms.

  • Trunks are available for PreK-12 classrooms.

  • Trunks are available year-round.

  • Trunks may be checked out for up to 6 weeks.

  • Trunks must be returned by the specified due date or a late fee of $5 per day will apply

  • Borrower must arrange dates and times to pickup and return trunk to the Museum.

  • Borrower agrees to check all items against the inventory list before the trunk is returned.

  • Borrower agrees to pay for lost or damaged items.

Image Use Agreement
  1. Images in this trunk are for educational use in the classroom.

  2. The images of the works of art must be used without bleeding, overprinting, guttering, or reproduction on colored stock.

  3. If a detail of the image is used, the detail should be fully credited and listed as a detail. In addition, the full image should appear elsewhere with caption and credit info.

  4. Selling and/or transmitting the images to the general public is prohibited. For questions, please contact Kimberly Mirelez, Assistant Registrar, at or (210) 978-8129.

  5. The included captions and following credit line must be used at all times: Courtesy of San Antonio Museum of Art.

  6. The Museum assumes no responsibility for any royalties claimed by the artist or on his/her behalf.