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Folk Treasures of Mexico


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"A book on one of the most exciting and colorful phases in the rich cultural history of Mexico." This is how Nelson A. Rockefeller, during his last trip in Mexico in 1978, described the book he planned to publish about his astonishing collection of Mexican folk art. Rockefeller's essay appears here as the foreword to this volume, which highlights the best and most striking objects in what is considered to be the single finest collection of Mexican folk art in the United States.

The main text, by Marion Oettinger, Jr., the Curator of Latin American Art here at SAMA, tells the remarkable story of Rockefeller the collector, whose lifelong interest in art, official involvement with Latin America and personal vision helped create his Mexican folk art collection. Oettinger describes the works themselves according to function as utilitarian, ceremonial or decorative objects, or objects of play and fantasy.

He devotes his last chapter to the Mexican folk artists who created this incredible diversity of art and inspired Rockefeller with their imagination and skill. Accompanying the plates of the objects are lively and informative commentaries written by Annie O'Neill, folk art specialist and former adviser to Rockefeller on this collection. 


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