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Photography Workshop: The Visualization of Identity

Apr 23, 1:00 PM–4:00 PM

Education Classrooms

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During this workshop participants will consider the characteristics and relevance of photographic self-portraiture. Connections will be drawn to the work of Wendy Red Star and her current special exhibition in the Cowden Gallery. Focusing on the practice as a tool for self-reflection and visual storytelling, the group will contemplate their own identities and histories and create a portrait of the self. Equipped with their own camera and materials from home each person will begin the process by drawing connections to the artworks and themes discussed, create a structure for their artwork, and execute their vision on the grounds of the San Antonio Museum of Art. 

Materials for participants to bring: Digital camera with self-timer or camera phone w/self-timer, tripod, personal objects, clothing, and props to be included in their portrait (all materials brought should reflect themselves and their sense of identity). 


Mari Hernandez is a multidisciplinary artist. A career in non-profit arts organizations led her to explore socially engaged and identity-based art, as well as its contributions to human and community development. Simultaneously, Hernandez became concerned with the lack of representation of women of color in her arts community in San Antonio, Texas. These experiences deeply influenced her artistic development. Inspired by appearance altering photographers and early Mexican-American artists, Hernandez began experimenting with self-portraiture to address questions about identity. As a co-founder of the Chicana art collective Mas Rudas (2009-2015), her self-portraits focused on Chicana aesthetics.  

Lectures and Artist Conversations are made possible by generous support from the Louis A. and Frances B. Wagner lecture fund.  

Photography By: Mari Hernandez

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