Symposium Great Books Institute Seminar: Herodotus' Histories - Session 3

Thursday, March 23, 2017
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.


Price: FULL | Registration is closed due to maximum capacity.

Who were the ancient Greeks? What made them so special ? Herodotus of Helicarnassus can help you answer these questions. In this book is the account of the “300″ Spartans who died (in fact, 299 died) in the pass at Thermopylae in order to forestall the invasion of Persians.  But history for Herodotus is ethnography and anthropology, wonder-working storytelling, geography and geneaology, and not merely the chronicling of facts and events.  By contrasting the Greeks with Egyptians, Persians, and many other cultural groups, the reader is given rich opportunities for reflection on human nature and the nature of human customs and laws, as well the context and character of the growing conflicts between Greeks and Persians, the defeat of the Persians and the rise of Athenian city-state.




*References are to Strassler, Robert B. [Ed.] The Landmark Herodotus: The Histories. New York: Pantheon Books, 2007.  A Complete list of readings and artifacts distributed to registrants of this course.

Session 3:

Seminar @ Tobin.  Thursday, March 23th, Tobin 6-8pm:  Reading Focus: Book V, 62-78; VI, 94-140; VII, 1-60, 99-end  Seminar Focus: What is freedom for the Athenians? Contrasting figures:  Miltiades vs Darius (VI), Leonidas vs Xerxes (VII); 6.94 – 6.120  The Marathon Campaign, 7.178 – 7.238  Battle of Thermopylae

Session 4:

Gallery talk @ SAMA. Tuesday, April 18th,  7-9pm.
Gallery Talk Focus: 5.30 – 6.33  The Ionian Revolt,  Appendix H: The Ionian Revolt, Appendix M: Herodotus on Persia and the Persian Empire, Appendix N:  Hoplite Warfare in Herodotus, Appendix O: The Persian Army in Herodotus

Session 5:

Seminar @ Tobin. Thursday, May 18th, Tobin 6-8pm: Books VIII, IX   Seminar Focus: Contrasting figures: Themistocles vs Xerxes, (VIII), Pausanius vs. Mardonius (IX)–8.40 – 8. 120  Battle of Salamis, 9.25 – 9.89  Battle of Plataea

Session 6:

Gallery talk @ SAMA  Tuesday, May 30th SAMA 7-9pm Gallery Talk Focus:  6.94 – 6.120  The Marathon Campaign, 7.178 – 7.238  Battle of Thermopylae, 8.40 – 8. 120  Battle of Salamis, 9.25 – 9.89  Battle of Plataea, Appendix R: The Size of Xerxes’ Expeditionary Force,Appendix S: Trireme Warfare in Herodotus

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