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Traveling Trunks Bring World of Art to Early Childhood Classrooms

A collaboration between the San Antonio Museum of Art and Pre-K 4SA Educators 

Beginning this fall, Pre-K teachers can check out Early Childhood Traveling Trunks for free from the San Antonio Museum of Art. The trunks have been funded by the City of San Antonio’s Department for Culture and Creative Development and are a collaboration with Pre-K 4SA educators.


Statue of a young man

Loan from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, on view

The San Antonio Museum of Art is pleased to announce that Statue of a young man from ancient Cyprus is now on view in the Greek Gallery. This impressive limestone statue, which stands approximately three-and-a-half feet tall, is on loan from the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the next two years.


Matisse Paints the Town

The San Antonio Museum of Art announces “Matisse Paints the Town,” a citywide celebration of the beauty and genius of Matisse, one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. In recognition of Matisse: Life in Color, a summer exhibition at the San Antonio Museum of Art, local businesses and organizations are drawing inspiration from the artist’s work. This celebration will kickoff June 14 and go through September 7, 2014.



In 1977, Richard Weisman, the investment banker son of Los Angeles-based art collectors Frederick and Marcia Weisman, spent $800,000 commissioning Andy Warhol to create the Athletes Series, 10 photo-based portraits of celebrity sports stars of the era, ranging from skating champion Dorothy Hamill to NBA scoring sensation Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Weisman said he hoped “the series would inspire people who love sport to come into galleries, maybe for the first time, and people who liked art would take their first look at a sports superstar.”


Matisse: Life in Color Masterworks from The Baltimore Museum of Art Arrives in San Antonio this June. Only Museum in region to host exhibition.

The San Antonio Museum of Art will present Matisse: Life in Color, Masterworks from The Baltimore Museum of Art to San Antonio, June 14 through September 7, 2014. This sweeping exhibition features almost fifty paintings and sculptures and thirty works on paper spanning six decades of Henri Matisse’s prolific career. Drawn from The Baltimore Museum of Art’s permanent collection, perhaps the finest collection of Matisse’s work in the world, Matisse: Life in Color offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for San Antonio, and indeed, all of Texas and our region, to share in the beauty and importance of such a magnificent body of work.